Supporting those who protect our community & our country.

Dedicated to the health and wellness of every First Responder and Veteran through unique training programs, fellowship, and open water experiences.

Nationwide, there are over


law enforcement officers


First Responders


Active Military Personel


Military Veterans


of First Responders

Experience mental health conditions related to Post Traumatic Stress and Depression.*

Our programs are specifically designed to support those who protect our community and our country.

101: Transformational Breathing

Introducing the basic application of breath control to improve performance. You will be able to use specific breathing protocols to harness your nervous system, optimize your movement, and boost recovery.

201: Water Immersion

Learn underwater breath control techniques that improve carbon dioxide tolerance. Carbon Dioxide tolerance training will improve athletic performance, respiratory muscle strength, and aerobic capacity. Other benefits of this training include reduced stress and anxiety, delayed fatigue, increased endurance, and fear management.

301: Active Mentorship

Veterans and first responders will use their breathing and water immersion skills to become ambassadors through active mentoring outreach, Waterman Retreats, and their regional Waterman Challenge.

Being in nature, physical activity, service work, nutrition, learning new things, and positive connections with others all have proven to positively impact mental health.

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Told by those who protect our community and our country.