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Supporting the health and wellness of every First Responder and Veteran through unique training programs, fellowship, and open water experiences.

Transformational Breathwork

The Art of Breath was designed to break down traditional silos in breathwork practices and make this amazing tool available to anybody regardless of the entry point. Breath control is an incredibly powerful tool for improving resilience and enhancing performance for every living human on the planet. Our journey traveling and developing this seminar highlighted a simple fact–people, even the highest performers on Earth manage stress poorly.

You will:

Develop an understanding of breathwork principles based on modern science.

Learn simple, effective protocols to improve breathing mechanics and recovery, control state of mind and build resilience

Be exposed to a variety of practical scenarios that allow for real-time breathwork in a performance environment.

Understand how to read your response to a range of stressful situations.

Practice disrupting your habitual patterns of reactivity and read the moment more accurately.

Skills to regulate your natural stress response.

Learn to tune into and trust what your breath, body and brain are telling you because your body whispers before it screams.

It's given me a good ability to gather myself for that second and just concentrate on that breathing that they taught us in this class. It definitely helps, once you've slowed your breathing down it slows your mind down to be able to pull yourself out of that tunnel vision and get a better understanding of what's going on around you. You’re definitely more aware of everything that's going on.


Our Waterlogged Intro course is a 6-hour breath control course that teaches freediving and breath control techniques. This course was designed by Operation Open Water coach and PADI free dive instructor, Morgan Hoesterey, to help veterans and first responders improve their carbon dioxide tolerance. Carbon dioxide tolerance training improves athletic performance, and aerobic capacity, reduces stress & anxiety, improves respiratory muscle strength, delays fatigue, increases endurance, and helps manage fear.

You will:

Be introduced to the physiology of carbon dioxide build up.

Discover your personal physiological responses to CO2 and acute stressors.  

Learn rescue/safety techniques related to underwater training.

Be introduced to free diving basics with adventure and job related applications.

Experience scenarios to help you train and develop CO2 tolerance. 

Create challenging, but attainable goals to measure your progress.

Practice in a safe and controlled environment designed for improvement and performance. 

I would totally recommend this course. I think the techniques that we utilize here are beneficial for anybody…even if somebody isn’t super comfortable in the water– I think they should try and come out here and learn some of these techniques because it certainly translates to all aspects of your life.


The final test, becoming an ambassador of change through active mentorship, solidified by an accomplishment that will change your life, and the lives around you. Gaining these skills, operators will mentor other veterans and first responders through the #beopenwater cycle and be ready for their regional Waterman Challenge.

You will:

Have the opportunity to develop your skills on multiple watercraft.

Create lasting relationships with peers and mentors.

Develop tools to increase resiliency.

Accomplish tasks through team work and contribute to a larger goal.

Experience mediation practices to apply in daily life.

Provide and receive accountability through your mentorship relationships. 

Discover mind, body, spirit connections and improve overall wellness.

This experience is not just a paddle or a retreat; this is a new life for me. A newfound life of staying in shape to coach and mentor others next year and the years to come. It’s given me time to reflect on my life–where I’ve been, and where I’d like to go. It’s helped me to focus on my family and return to my everyday life.